Consultancy/Security and Risk Management

Sabre22 specializes in support and assistance to national governments, private companies and individuals at risk. Our services provide strategic advice and security consultancy so that our clients are equipped to overcome all identified security threats, or make the most of international opportunities with minimal disruption to personnel or business.

Our consultants combined experience in unstable or developing regions provides us with a unique capability and is proven, tried and tested. We engage with senior decision-makers to allow them to understand and mitigate known threats, manage priorities and make informed decisions with regards to national or individual security requirements.

Our focus is to provide realistic and effective solutions that support national or individual security requirements and overall long term stability. Sabre22 consultants improve understanding of threat and risk, while simultaneously developing strategies that enable our clients to make key decisions with the best possible outcome.

Often operating in remote, hostile territories worldwide and on behalf of energy, communication and development sectors as well as NGOs, Sabre22 understands the various political and security risks and cultural sensitivities that businesses encounter in developing regions.  Sabre22 provides clients with an all-encompassing range of risk management services, risk assessments, security planning, community outreach and engagement, strategic communications (local and national) as well as the management of local security contractors.

Because security risks are interconnected and ever-evolving, you can count on Sabre22 for expert advice and best risk management and security practices to manage organizational or individual risks. We have global experience with private clients and businesses in virtually every industry and provide a wide range of risk mitigation services.

Sabre22 utilizes risk management best practices in line with ISO 31000.  We apply a systematic approach that addresses all aspects of your security and operational risks for the most robust protection. Our diverse skill-sets and global resources enable our experts to manage projects from inception to completion.