Sabre22 Directors

Stephen Pullin

CEO and Founder

Completed a full and exemplary career of 24 years in the British Army, with 16 years serving in the United Kingdoms Special Forces, 22nd Air Service Regiment reaching the rank of Warrant Officer. This service saw deployments on global operations in all major conflicts over the last two decades from Northern Ireland, the Balkans, Iraq, gaining a Mention in Dispatches gallantry award, and Afghanistan; Special Forces Liaison Officer to the Police Counter Terrorism Units; Senior Military Instructor for jungle operations, tracking and counter improvised explosive detection training to the British Armed Forces and International Forces, including extensive operational, training and welfare responsibilities to the training team and students attending these courses. Throughout this career accruing a wealth of experience working with other government departments and agencies as well as foreign forces.



Completed a 23 year military career with the British Army including 10 years with Special Forces 22 SAS. A seasoned operator having deployed on numerous operations for an unprecedented period of time. These operations varied in complexity, intensity and climate and the following countries highlight the frenetic nature of service in Northern Ireland, the Balkans, West Africa and multiple tours of both Afghanistan and Iraq.  Gaining extensive experience in security, surveillance and close protection from working closely with both UK and US “Secret Intelligence Services” during pivotal parts on the war against terrorism.  Awarded the Military Cross for gallantry by HRH Queen Elisabeth II in 2008 following a 2006/7 Iraq deployment. Along with the practical experience also achieved a Master’s degree in “ Security and Risk Management” from Leicester University, is a licensed CA Private Investigator and currently works as the Chief Operations Officer for Sabre 22.

David J Bryan

Executive Director / Chairman

Founder, CEO, and Managing Director of Sonic Communications (International) Limited, Birmingham, England. Co-invented Motorcycle Intercom System and later Audio and Video Security Products in use worldwide by Police, Security, Fire, Military, and Law Enforcement operatives in sometimes life threatening situations. Has been described as ‘ a highly motivated team leader’, a strategic thinker, and a people person with excellent communication skills. Built up Sonic from zero, to over $20 million plus and helped to acquire five companies and form them into a Homeland Security Group in the UK and USA. Security Cleared in the UK by various government organizations, honest, trustworthy, and enjoys solving demanding customer requirements, in a timely and cost effective way.

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