Tactical Training

Each training package is tailor-made to fit the needs and demands of the individual client. They can be run at all levels from basic content to advanced techniques and procedure’s, from a half-day classroom/practical course to a full package of intense instruction/ testing and evaluating.

Hostile Environmental and Travel Risk Management Personal Training.

The world is a dangerous place; whether you find yourself isolated in a hostile environment or travelling in unfamiliar urban terrain. Even basic level situational awareness training is invaluable.

We prepare clients for all types of travel, from students about to embark on gap year expeditions or first-time foreign holidays to frequent travelers and seasoned explorers.

With our training you will have the confidence that you can make the right decision at the right time in a stressful or unfamiliar situation.

                  All our courses are designed to give individuals, or groups, the knowledge and tools necessary to survive in all climates and terrain.  They are practical, educational and informative and can be as physically demanding as needed.