This program is designed specifically for those whose work takes them to challenging, remote or hostile regions, where getting the job done can be a risky business. Kidnap, assault or natural disaster are very real dangers – and medical facilities can be few and far between.

Your staff will be equipped to assess, recognize and avoid risks as far as possible. And, should the worst happen, they’ll be ready to respond, maximizing the opportunity of a positive outcome. Designed to be enjoyable and exciting (and therefore memorable), the course combines practical challenges with highly relevant theory, delivered by practitioner trainers with a wealth of field experience. Participants leave feeling energized and empowered, ready to operate outside their normal comfort zones.

We recommend one of three course designs, depending on the threat level to which the client will be exposed:

  • Green: Two day package with first aid training
  • Amber: Four day package with 1 day trauma first aid
  • Red: Six day package with 2 days hostile environment trauma medicine