Surveillance and Investigatigative Services

The right information, imparted at the right time, can dramatically alter the outcome of any situation. When faced with an important decision, the need for hard, ascertainable data is critical.

Sabre22 pulls experience from years of combined Special Forces Military and British Police Under Cover operations. We can provide a full range of investigative services that include, but are not limited to; surveillance activity checks, background checks, discreet corporate theft investigation, missing person relocation and Technical and Physical Counter Surveillance Methods (TCSM).

We also specialize in criminal investigations, litigation support, and missing persons cases. We often work on behalf of law firms, businesses, and the general public with a variety of legal matters – particularly those cases that are sensitive in nature and detailed in complexity.

Many people have found that an independent investigation allows them to move forward. By providing answers and opening the door to potential solutions, a thorough investigation allows you to confront someone with evidence or pursue legal remedies. Having an investigation conducted can mean taking action rather than letting a situation continue to bother you. Many people have found that an in-depth investigation can also help them get compensation and legal judgments in their favor.

If you believe your situation would benefit from an investigation, please speak with a member of our team. Our trained investigators will provide you with confidential advise to enable you to make the best informed decision on how to proceed.